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VIP Mechanical Seal Repair
- Mechanical seal repair is available on most seals from all seal manufacturers including but not limited to John Crane, Flowserve, Chesterton, PPC, AES, Delta, Flex-A-Seal, Burgmann, Robco, Sepco, Utex and many more.
- A failure analysis is performed on every seal to determine why the seal failed. We will always make any necessary suggestions that will lead to increased seal life. All seal repairs are given serial numbers and can be tracked on our database for determining Mean Time between Failure, and seal cost evaluation.
- All seal components are completely cleaned, measured, pressure tested, and inspected by the engineering department to determine which parts can be re-used, or require replacement.
- Seal faces are lapped to within industry standards (2 light bands) on one of several large floor model lapping machines within our controlled lapping room.
- Seal design and or materials can be upgraded as needed depending upon an engineered review of the seal application or by customer request.
- Upon final assembly all seals are again inspected by the engineering staff.

All mechanical seals, including single cartridges that are repaired in our facility are pressure tested and provided with a certificate stating such before they are returned to the customer.

Mixer / Agitator / Reactor and Specialty Equipment Repair
Mechanical Seals Repair - Our engineering expertise affords us the ability to repair complex mechanical seals used on ALL types of equipment, including mixers, agitators, reactors, centrifuges, compressors and virtually any piece of equipment using a mechanical seal. These designs often include bearings and various other support systems that make the other seal repair shops turn them away. Don’t send these seals to the OEM’s and pay too much, VIP can handle ALL of your seal repair needs.
- Our facility is designed to handle even the largest seals repairs. We have experience with seals for shaft sizes of 9 inches or more, and weighing in excess of 1500 lbs. No repair is too large for us to handle.
- We also have the expertise to evaluate and switch your double seal from its originally configured barrier fluid system to a nitrogen barrier or a complete dry running design.


Some of the most common manufacturers of equipment requiring specialty seal repair include, Lightnin, Pfaudler, Philadelphia, Chemineer, Sharples, and many more.

Specialty Lapping Services
Mechanical Seals Repair - VIP can lap individual seal components of all shapes and sizes for your own in house seal repairs.
- We provide lapping services for pump parts including thrust washers, wear rings, thrust pads, and shoes in all materials.

Let us know you lapping needs; we are willing to work with you on any new applications.

OEM Seal Replacement
- Our engineering staff can reverse engineer most OEM seals and provide you with a replacement seal design at a fraction of the cost, and with the properly selected materials to give you the best possible seal life.
- Simply provide us with a working OEM seal sample along with all of the application data, and VIP will give you a quote to replace it.


VIP can make suggestions on how to modify the seal design to make it easier to install, clean, repair, or even make it less expensive.
Engineering Services
- With all of our mechanical seal engineering experience in design, applications, troubleshooting, failure analysis, and installation, we are ready and willing to help you through any of your sealing needs.
- VIP can assist you with new seal design and material selection
- VIP can work with you to help you solve that tough application where seal failure is a common occurrence.
- Having trouble finding a seal to fit a tight stuffing box or sealing area? Call VIP, and put our many years of seal service to work for you.
VIP Support
We are available for any sealing questions you may have. Many of your questions can be very simply answered over the phone. We also can email any literature or articles that may help you with your sealing problems. Should you require on site support please
let us know. We are available to come to you or we also have a network of support personnel that may already be in your area.
Mechanical Seals Repair

Mechanical Seals Repair