VIP is a service orientated corporation that is able to receive, evaluate, and repair mechanical seals in a timely and economical fashion. Once completed and the seal is back in our customers hands it will perform just like it was new.

Mechanical seals are often perceived as very simple pieces of equipment. Though individually the parts of a mechanical seal are simple; springs, o-rings, set screws, rotary faces, and stationary faces, collectively each piece is carefully engineered to work perfectly together. There are many facilities throughout the United States that repair mechanical seals based solely on the principal that the individual parts are simple. The companies who realize the engineering behind these parts have only the confidence to replace broken parts with identical new parts. If the seal is badly damaged they must call the original manufacturer for new parts or try and haphazardly duplicate the damaged pieces. This takes time and costs money, the two things that will limit any company in this industry.

The companies that do not realize the engineering behind the mechanical seal have very little success in repairing the seal properly and eventually very little success in this business. The staff at VIP has the education and a combined 20 years experience in mechanical seal design and application. VIP has the ability to recognize or even change existing seal dimension so that they may be repaired properly, quickly and economically. Our ability to dimension and tolerance exact replacement parts will allow us to buy these parts from a material vendor at a lower cost than others would have to pay the original seal manufacturer. If the seals need to be replaced VIP can replace the seal with an exact refurbished duplicate or one of many new seals that will work equally as well in the customer’s application.

VIP utilizes a wealth of engineering knowledge coupled with a complete understanding of the multitude of seal designs on the market today to give our customers the confidence of knowing that their seals are repaired properly every time. We can handle the smallest single rubber bellows component seals, to the very complex double dry running mixer seals with bearings. VIP has all of the tools to handle any mechanical seal repair requirement. VIP will be one of, if not they only, seal repair company which has the technology to design and manufacture new seals but has its focus only on repairing them.


  • We carry with us a reputation for honesty, accuracy, and customer satisfaction within the seal industry.
  • We have an extensive knowledge of the mechanical seal industry both nationally and internationally.
  • We bring strong mechanical engineering skills to the sealing industry.
  • We fill the voids in the sealing industry that our competitors are either not capable or not willing to fill.


Our main focus will be to take advantage of the inability of many large seal companies to provide the superior service demanded in today’s sealing marketplace. This includes but is not limited to; speed, price, service, quality, troubleshooting, and expertise.

We will strive to be the “complete” seal repair company by offering:

  • The repair of all manufacturers seals.
  • Detailed failure analysis to increase mean time between failures, to increase customer profitability.
  • Appropriate inventory for “off the shelf” deliveries in order to decrease the customer downtime and high dollar stock rooms.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed service.